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We have the joy of traveling the world delivering soccer and footballs to children all over the world! Sometimes we change their lives as they learn how sports can help them learn discipline, determination, leadership and more! Sometimes, they simply just change our lives. Read about our trips below.

Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. in Panama

Here is the one in Panamá. This really was a great experience. Our team traveled to Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. in Panamá where we were able to deliver 25 soccer balls to a wonderful large group of children. These children live in a house of 10 per house with a paid "Mom" as their caretaker.

These children have been removed from their homes by the State because they have been abused, are orphans or cannot live with their parents for various reasons.

We came with our representative in Panamá, Juan Felipe Román. After the event, the children played a soccer tournament celebrating the end of the World Cup. It was very rewarding to see these children so happy with their new soccer balls.


Hispanic Learning Center in Concord, NC

We brought a mix of soccer and footballs to this school that has an after school program for boys and girls to come after they attended there regular school and get picked up by their parents.

These children were in need of some sports balls and we had the pleasure of sharing some time with these kids. We brought a cake and juice for each kid and after explaining about Kicking for a Dream, we wanted them to be aware that they can be part of this group when they become teenagers.

The children promptly started playing either football or soccer with their new balls. We have to mention and thank our local Boy Scout troop in Charlotte for their help in gathering these balls.

Also, our representative Carlos Andres Ponce de Leon, from Bogota, Colombia was in Charlotte for this event.  Once a year the captains from every country or state travels here to the United States to receive training and what a fantastic event for Carlos to attend.


Giftwrapping for the Dream

During the month of December 2009, our team took part in a fundraising effort by providing giftwrapping services to shoppers at a local Borders bookstore.

Lots of shoppers took advantage of our services and we were able to collect donations to help purchase new soccer and footballs for use in our international programs as well as help people become aware of what we're doing and our passion for helping the world's youth learn valuable lessons through athletics.


Males Place & Kicking for a Dream

In June of 2009, our team met with leadership and the group of Males Place, a youth-targeted program through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Health Services.

During our time together at a wonderful cookout, we learned how a a group of boys were going to be traveling to Kumazi, Ghana to learn about their local culture and roots. Seizing on a perfect opportunity, we joined forces to raise funds for their trip and sent with them a collection of donated soccer balls to be delivered to the kids there to replace the coffee cans and bundled rags they normally play with.


Ciudad de Dios

The first event was held in Alban, a small town 90 minutes west of Bogotá. We visited a house called “Ciudad de Dios” where 45 orphan boys and girls live.

We brought snacks to the kids, made a presentation and opened a bag full or soccer balls for these kids. They were very happy and immediately took to playing with the balls and showing them around. The balls became a fixture that stayed at the house to be used any time for any of these kids.

La Colmena

The second event was held south of Bogotá in a center called “La Colmena” where around 356 kids attend after and before school. We had the morning shift. We talked to these kids, explained the purpose of Kicking for a Dream and opened a bag full of soccer balls to be received by a kid captain of each group already formed before we got there for a soccer tournament.

Although it was raining, they got their teams together and followed their new referee (a student volunteer) outside to the park to play with their new balls.

The most rewarding thing was to watch the children’s face of gratitude and happiness. They felt very important we came to visit them and give them some balls they needed to play for school sports.

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